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Join Judaism by Choice on a unique and memorable trip to Israel. Travel and visit Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Northern Israel. See archeological sites from Biblical and Rabbinic times, pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, visit Safat–the birthplace of Jewish mysticism, go to the mountain top of Masada, enjoy the night life and meet with people who have converted to Judaism outside and inside Israel and who now live as Israeli citizens.

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"I converted in October 2009 and had never dreamed of traveling to Israel. Now I can't imagine my life without my trip to Israel. It is a cliche to say that it brings all that you learn to life, but it's so true. Everywhere you go in Israel is a physical and spiritual experience that brings your journey with Judaism to life. To do the trip with Judaism by Choice and Rabbi and Miri Weinberg was just amazing. As a Jew by choice, I highly recommend traveling with them. I can't imagine not going back to Israel!"

"Being in Israel felt natural and everyone was very welcoming. Besides that; just simply seeing the amazing country, with all its natural beauty and historic significance was mind-blowing. I felt at home. I am convinced that there is no better way to "feel" Jewish than to go to Israel. And it was not only the country that helped me develop a sense of connectedness and community; it was the wonderful and amazing group of individuals that I got to know during the trip. I will always feel connected to the people who shared this experience with me. It is my wish that other people like me can also have this experience. There is no better way to become completely immersed in Jewish life, Jewish history and the Jewish people than by going to Israel."

"My ten days in Israel were amazing. Each day was unbelievably better than the next, and everyday drew me closer to Judaism, for which I'm grateful. Before the trip I was worried that perhaps I wouldn't immediately connect to Israel like everyone else does. What a relief it was that the minute we stepped out of the bus for the first time in Jaffa, I experienced love at first sight. After ten days of touring, I left Israel feeling as if it were the beginning of a wonderful, long-term relationship. It was comforting and warm, making it very hard to leave."

"The Judaism by Choice trip was amazing. I had wanted to visit Israel for many years and I think this type of tour is the best way to see the Land for the first time. The group was not too large and every person was very nice. When you travel and share experiences together, you really form a bond. We look forward to sharing many simchas together. The tour guide, Shlomo was truly incredible! He made sure we saw everything planned...and more! He was so knowledgeable. It amazes me to think of how much information he imparted to us. Plus he took very good care of us at all times! This was a trip of a lifetime and one that we will never forget. We can't wait to go again!"